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Parks & Trails
City Parks, Nature Areas, & Trails
The City of Brooklyn Center prides itself on 522 acres of parks and nature areas, each with its own personality. For more information, visit the park information links.

Combined with a 20-mile trail system extending to all neighboring communities and the Mississippi River close at hand, residents can walk or bicycle almost anywhere in minutes.

North Mississippi Regional Park
The North Mississippi Regional Park is located along the west bank of the Mississippi River at 49th Avenue and I-94 in Brooklyn Center and Minneapolis. For information on it or other Hennepin County parks, contact Three Rivers Park District

Mississippi River Trail (MRT)
The Mississippi River Trail is an exciting bicycle route that follows America’s premier river, from its headwaters in Itasca State Park to the Gulf of Mexico offering a unique north-south transect of the United States to adventurous bicyclists. Although the majority of the MRT is routed
on relatively low use roads and road shoulders, imbedded throughout are significant off-road trail opportunities to delight almost any bicyclist. For more information, visit the Minnesota Department of Transportation website.

Park Information
For information about the location, amenities and photos, select the park. 
Park Amenities
Parks and Schools Map
Park Ordinances
City Trail Map   
Palmer Lake & Shingle Creek Trail Map

Adopt-A-Park/Garden/Street/Trail Brochure
For more information or to volunteer, call (763) 585-7100. This program plays an important role in helping maintain City parks, trails, public grounds, and streets. Established in 1992, it is supported by several groups and individuals. The volunteer groups and individuals represent a cross-section of the community, including businesses, organizations, schools, scouts, churches, and neighborhood groups. The organizations are recognized by signs at their adopted facilities. With the help of this program, our parks, trails, and streets are cleaner and more inviting.