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BC 100 Facts
1. The Village of Brooklyn Center was incorporated on February 14, 1911 with a mayor-council form of government.

2. The City's first President/Mayor was R. W. Reidhead, who served from 1911-1915.

3. The City of Brooklyn Center has over 522 acres of parks and nature areas.

4. The City of Brooklyn Center has four public school districts.

5. Brooklyn Center ISD #286 is the only district that resides entirely within the boundaries of the City.

6. The Earle Brown Farm was the first airfield in Minnesota.

7. Earle Brown is the founder of the Minnesota State Highway Patrol.

8. Earle Brown served as Hennepin County Sheriff.

9. In 1986 Brooklyn Center received the All-America City award.

10. Brooklyn Center has a volunteer fire department.

11. Brooklyn Center once had three bowling establishments, Beacon Bowl, Lynbrook Bowl, and Earle Brown Bowl.

12. Brooklyn Center has 203 neighborhood watch groups.

13. Keith Lester, Centennial Chairman is also the Superintendent of Brooklyn Center ISD #286.

14. Phil Cohen was the Chairman of Brooklyn Center's 75th Anniversary Celebration in 1986.

15. Brooklyn Center Community Center has an indoor Olympic Swimming Pool.

16. Robert Cahlander was the first police chief in Brooklyn Center.

17. Brookdale opened in 1962.

18. Brooklyn Center has a public cemetery named Mound Cemetery.

19. Senator Hubert Humphrey attended the grand opening of the Brooklyn Center Community Center in 1971.

20. The first school house in Brooklyn Center was built in 1859.

21. Brooklyn Center resident Madeleine Roche founded CEAP.

22. Kevin Benner is the new Police Chief.

23. No women voted to have Brooklyn Center incorporated as a Village because women weren't allowed to vote until 1920.

24. The City of Brooklyn Center has two fire stations.

25. The Brooklyn Center Sun-Post is the official newspaper of Brooklyn Center.

26. Ezra Hanscom was Brooklyn Center's first settler.

27. Brooklyn Center has a Par 3 Golf Course named Centerbrook.

28. The 1954 expansion of Brooklyn Center's Village Hall was financed with Liquor Store profits.

29. In 1901 Earle Brown bought the farm from his grandfather for $1.00.

30. The City's annual summer celebration is called Earle Brown Days Festival.

31. Earle Brown was a Justice of the Peace, Head of the MN Highway Patrol and Hennepin County Sheriff.

32. The restoration to convert the farm to a conference and event center began in 1987.

33. A movie theater was once located on the Kohl's Department Store site.

34. Ground breaking for the new Federal Bureau of Investigation facility was held in August of 2010.

35. An A & W Drive-in was located at 69th & Brooklyn Blvd.

36. There was a Post Office located in the hardware store at Northbrook Center.

37. Brooklyn Boulevard used to be called Osseo Road.

38. Twin Lake District was once the name of a Brooklyn Center School District.

39. Caribou Coffee has their World Headquarters in Brooklyn Center.

40. Earle Brown died in 1963.

41. Schools were commonly named after the largest landowner and the most famous person in the area.

42. In 1967 fire destroyed 14 classrooms at Earle Brown Elementary School.

43. Earle Brown gave his farm to the University of Minnesota in 1949.

44. The 1929 graduation ceremony at Earle Brown School was canceled because a tornado blew the roof off.

45. The Earle Brown Heritage Center has over 37,000 square feet of meeting space.

46. The Cap. Martin school opened in 1878 and was located on the Brooklyn Farm.

47. Earle Brown raised Morgan and Belgian horses.

48. The Cap. Martin School had 1 classroom.

49. Odyssey Academy School is located in Brooklyn Center.

50. Centennial polo shirts, t-shirts and sweatshirts are for sale at the community center.

51. A Brooklyn Center American Little League team participated in the 1994 Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA.

52. Brooklyn Center has an Arboretum located at 61st & Major Avenues.

53. The Earle Brown Heritage Center hosted 521 events in 2009.

54. Mound Cemetery was named for the Indian mounds across the street from the cemetery.

55. The Howe Store at 69th and Osseo Road (now Brooklyn Boulevard) was one of the oldest buildings in the area when, at age ninety, it was torn down in 1956.

56. Over 200 Civil War soldiers lived in the Brooklyn Township area.

57. The economic panic of 1873 impacted the value of land due to the collapse of the Northern Pacific Railroad: prices declined on the west side of the township where the railroad went through.

58. Mrs. Everett Sandahl, mother of six, dug over 100 graves at Mound Cemetery.

59. Earle Brown promised his grandfather that we would never sell the Brooklyn Farm.

60. Brooklyn Center became a village in order to escape being absorbed by Minneapolis.

61. Voting for the Village of Brooklyn Center took place in Earle Brown's new garage on the Brooklyn Farm.

62. Kate and Mathias Schaefer were twins born September 29, 1866 to John and Susanna Schaefer. Their farm was located on the west side of the lake which was the east side of Crystal Lake Township. From then on, the lake became known as Twin Lake, the lake that forms the southwest border of today's Brooklyn Center.

63. Kate Schaefer became the mother of Jesse Howe, foreman for Earle Brown's farm.

64. Brooklyn Center has a regional public library located at 6125 Shingle Creek Parkway.

65. Earle Brown had a brother who died as a young child.

66. In 1950 the population of Brooklyn Center was 4,283.

67. When the Brooklyn Center volunteer Fire Department began, Earle Brown still contracted with the Minneapolis Fire Department. This cost him $700 a year.

68. Earle Brown collected and preserved over 100 horse-drawn vehicles.

69. When Brookdale opened, there was a giant birdcage in the center of the mall.

70. The City of Brooklyn Center was once called the "Something More City".

71. The first Municipal Liquor Store (off-sale) was opened in December 1949 at 6445 Lyndale Avenue.

72. Madsen Floral Inc. opened in 1918 and was located at 55th & Aldrich Avenue North.

73. Village Hall opened in March of 1960 and was located at 7100 Osseo Road. The building was purchased from the Osseo School District.

74. Hipp's Construction Company was the first large developer to build in Brooklyn Center. One of their Brooklyn Center model homes was featured in the 1961 "Parade of Homes".

75. Shopper's City was located at the corner of 63rd Avenue North & Hwy 152. Available for purchase was clothing, groceries, bakery items, meat and lots more. This propery is currently occupied by MaxSun and Arc's Value Village.

76. In 1961 Twin Lake School, located at 4958 Osseo Road, had 150 students. This was Kindergarten only.

77. The Brooklyn Center Press began publication in February 1955 with Mary Jane Gustafson as editor. She continued until her retirement in 1987.

78. The Community Center will be 40 years old in 2011; it opened in 1971.

79. The official mascot of the Brooklyn Center Community Center is Dunkin the Dolphin.

80. Swan Anderson was born in Sweden in 1859. He started a farm at 73rd & Dupont.

81. C. R. Howe was appointed postmaster of Brooklyn Centre in 1873.

82. Brooklyn Center School District #286 began in 1877 as District 118.

83. Keith L. Nordby and Charlotte H. Nordby built and opened the Evans-Nordby Funeral Chapel in Brooklyn Center at 6000 Brooklyn Boulevard in 1961.

84. Target opened the summer of 1986.

85. Brooklyn Center citizens with access to the internet can find answers to frequently asked questions, sign up for email news, and make requests for certain City services with eCitizen Center.

86. The Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining 120 miles of streets, 520 acres of natural areas and parks, 66 miles of trails and sidewalks, public water, sanitary and storm sewer, and various city-owned buildings.

87. In the year 2000 Brooklyn Center was designated as an official Millennium Community.

88. The Brooklyn Center Police Department moved to its new building at 6645 Humboldt Avenue in December 1999.

89. Brooklyn Center is host to the Dudley/Budweiser Minnesota Classic Softball Tournament, one of the most prestigious tournaments in the country.

90. The Brooklyn Center Lions Club was chartered in 1955 with 44 members.

91. The City of Brooklyn Center annually produces four newsletters known as City Watch. The newsletters are mailed to all residential households, including apartments, duplexes, and condominiums.

92. Former Minnesota Twins player Tim Laudner grew up in Brooklyn Center.

93. For many years Earle Brown mailed out a calendar with a picture of one of his Morgan or Belgian horses.

94. City Hall is located at 6301 Shingle Creek Parkway, Brooklyn Center. (763) 569-3300.

95. Brooklyn Center City Council meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m.

96. In conjunction with the 1979 Early Bird Days, Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor built the world's largest ice cream sundae. Bobby Smith from the Minnesota North Stars made a guest appearance. (Early Bird Days was Brooklyn Center's festival prior to Earle Brown Days.)

97. In 1971 a 6 month individual membership to the community center cost $15.00.

98. Debra Hilstrom, former City Council member, is Brooklyn Center's State Representative.

99. The City of Brooklyn Center is 8.7 square miles.

100. The Centennial Celebration will kickoff on Saturday, February 5 with Brooklyn Center's 100th Birthday Party.