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2013 Brooklyn Boulevard Corridor Study
Brooklyn Boulevard Corridor Study
The corridor study is complete. Please see the Final Project Information section for complete information.

Project Background/Issues
The City of Brooklyn Center in cooperation with Hennepin County, Three Rivers Park District, Mn/DOT and Metro Transit performed a corridor study along Brooklyn Boulevard (CSAH 152) from I-94 to 49th Avenue. The purpose was to provide guidance for future transportation, redevelopment and streetscaping improvements along Brooklyn Boulevard.

Brooklyn Boulevard serves as a primary transportation corridor within Brooklyn Center. It provides access to the City from Highways 100 and I-694 and is also a connection between Minneapolis and its northern suburbs. Development over the past 50 years has resulted in a corridor that does not function as well as it should: driveways and access points create safety and operational concerns, redevelopment opportunities have been hampered, sidewalks and trails for pedestrians and bicyclists are lacking and transit facilities are not integrated into the overall framework.

Project Goals and Objectives
  • Provide for future transportation needs of the City and County, taking into consideration all users of the corridor as well as balance needs of various agencies and stakeholders.
  • Identify current and future land use issues and opportunities.
  • Develop roadway, transit, trail and landscaping/streetscaping concepts and alternatives which provide safe and convenient opportunities for pedestrians and bicyclists. 
  • Provide a process for planning that is fair and builds confidence and understanding.
  • Develop an implementation strategy and a process to guide future improvement decisions acceptable to the City and also the County.

Questions? Call Brooklyn Center Engineering Division (763) 569-3340 or email at:

  • Oct 2011 - Corridor study initiated
  • Nov/Dec 2011 - Identify issues, visioning and goal setting 
  • Jan/Feb 2012 - Review land use
  • March thru May 2012 - Develop roadway, transit, trail & sidewalk, & streetscaping concepts (complete streets)
  • June 2012 - Develop implementation plan
  • June 19 & Sept 18, 2012 - Public Open Houses
  • July 2013 - Complete study