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Development & Construction Approval Processes
Are you looking to start, relocate or grow your business in Brooklyn Center? The following information will help guide you through the City approval process. Although the specific steps in the City approval process may vary depending on the type and complexity of the project, an overview of the process and time frames is provided.   

Development and Planning Approval Process- Step 1
The development/planning application process lays out the first of our "two-step" system. If you are developing land, replatting, or require a special use permit, the Development/Planning Application Process flow chart includes important details and approximate timelines to help guide you through the application process. 

Development/Planning Application Process Flow Chart

New Building Construction Approval Process- Step 2
If you have been approved for the development or planning process, the next step is to obtain approval to construct your building. The New Building Construction Process Flow Chart includes important details and steps in obtaining the approval to build.

    New Building Construction Approval Process Flow Chart
   Commercial Building Permit Application Submittal Requirements

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