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Tree Registration Requirements
The City of Brooklyn Center requires that all individuals or companies providing tree maintenance services within the City be registered as defined in Section 20-501 of its Ordinance. The Public Works Department administers this registration.

To register as a tree maintenance contractor, the following forms must be filled out:
After registering with the City, the contractor will receive a current list with all registered tree maintenance contractors and a receipt will be mailed.  The City will make this list available to the public on request and to residents who have trees marked for removal through the City's Diseased Tree Program.

Since the registration of tree contractors was enacted in 1992, the residents of our City have become very aware of its importance and recognize the registration requirement is for their benefit. Therefore, requests are made daily for the list of contractors. City staff is not authorized to recommend a specific contractor but we do caution residents to beware of door-knockers and be sure to get a written contract.

For more information relating to registration requirements for tree contractor/maintenance services, please call the Forestry Division at 763-585-7101.