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Roundabout Navigation
  1. Reduce speed and prepare to stop if necessary; traffic within the roundabout always has the right-of-way. 
  2. Choose the proper lane for your intended movement; signs and pavement markings indicate which lanes may be used for left and right turns. These lane assignments prevent traffic from weaving within the roundabout. Failing to use the proper lane may cause a crash or result in a traffic ticket. 
  3. Yield to pedestrians within crosswalks; never pass any vehicles, including bicyclists, when approaching or within the roundabout. 
  4. Before entering the roundabout, look left and yield to all traffic within the roundabout; the inside lane of the roundabout is often allowed to exit and has the right-of-way. 
  5. When traffic is clear, proceed into the roundabout, always circulating counter-clockwise. 
  6. Exit the roundabout at your desired exit point, again yielding to pedestrians within the crosswalk. 
  7. Do not enter a roundabout alongside large trucks; as with traditional intersections, they may encroach on other lanes to complete their turns. 
  8. If an emergency vehicle approaches, proceed to your exit and then pull over; do not stop within the roundabout.

  1. Always stay on designated walkways; never cross to the circular center island. 
  2. Watch for cars; you have the right-of-way once you have safely entered the crosswalk, but the best protection is your own attention. 
  3. Cross the roundabout one approach at a time, using the median island as a refuge prior to crossing the next direction of traffic.

  1. If you are comfortable riding with traffic, circulate through the roundabout following the same rules as those for drivers. 
  2. If you are not comfortable riding with traffic, dismount your bicycle and use the crosswalks following the same rules as those for pedestrians. 




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