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Roundabout Information
A modern roundabout is one of several types of circular intersections in which traffic flows around a center island. It operates with yield control at the entry points and gives priority to vehicles within the roundabout.

A modern roundabout is NOT the same as high-speed rotary interchanges, once common in the Northeast states. These circles are larger and operate poorly because they are difficult to enter and require risky lane changes to exit. See Roundabouts vs. Rotaries.

A modern roundabout also is NOT the same as a traffic circle where lane changes may be made within the circle and circulating traffic makes right or left turns to exit the circle. See Traffic Circles vs. Roundabouts.

Roundabouts have several advantages over signals and stop signs, including: 
  • Fewer injury crashes and fatalities (no “t-bone” or head-on crashes) 
  • Improved pedestrian safety (low speeds, fewer lanes to cross, traffic from only one direction) 
  • Less vehicle delay and pollution (no waiting at red lights, complete stops rarely necessary)

Roundabouts in the Northwest Metro are located at: 
  • Seltzer Pkwy, Neddersen Pkwy and Founders Pkwy in Brooklyn Park 
  • 108th Avenue, Regent Avenue and Perry Drive in Brooklyn Park 
  • 117th Avenue at Business Park Blvd in Champlin
  • 99th Avenue, Elm Creek Blvd and Lancaster Lane in Maple Grove

For more information contact the Public Works Engineering Division at 763-569-3340.
 71th Street Edina, MN
                         70th Street Edina, MN


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