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Mission, Vision, Values, & Strategic Priorities
Vision Statement
We envision Brooklyn Center as a thriving, diverse community with a full range of housing, business, cultural and recreational offerings. It is a safe and inclusive place that people of all ages love to call home, and visitors enjoy due to its convenient location and commitment to a healthy environment.

Mission Statement

The mission of the City of Brooklyn Center is to ensure an attractive, clean, safe, and inclusive community that enhances the quality of life for all people and preserves the public trust.

Values Statement
Customer Intimacy
Our primary value proposition is a commitment to serving each customer with dignity and respect. This requires that we seek to understand the needs of each customer and deliver quality service that will be understood and appreciated.

Operational Excellence
In addition we will commit ourselves to delivering quality services in a cost effective and efficient manner. We will be good stewards of the limited resources made available to us by the citizens we serve.

    2018-2020 Strategic Priorities

    Resident Economic Stability
    The economic stability of residents is essential to vibrant neighborhoods and to retail, restaurant, and business growth.  We will lead by supporting collaborative efforts of education, business, and government sectors to improve income opportunities for residents.                
    Targeted Redevelopment
    Redeveloping properties to the highest value and best use will accomplish our goals regarding housing, job creation, and growth of the City’s tax base.  We will appropriately prepare sites and provide the necessary supporting infrastructure investments to guide redevelopment of publicly- and privately-owned properties.
    Enhanced Community Image
    Our ability to attract and retain residents and businesses is influenced by the perception of the City. We will take specific actions to assure that Brooklyn Center is recognized by residents, businesses, stakeholders, and visitors as a high quality, attractive, and safe community.
    Inclusive Community Engagement
    In order to provide effective and appropriate services, we must clearly understand and respond to community needs.  We will consistently seek input from a broad range of stakeholders from the general public, non-profit, and for-profit sectors.  Efforts to engage the community will be transparent, responsive, deliberately inclusive, and culturally sensitive.
    Safe, Secure, and Stable Community
    For residents and visitors to fully appreciate and enjoy a great quality of life, it is essential that all neighborhoods are safe, secure, and stable.  We will assure compliance with neighborhood condition and building safety standards, provide proactive and responsive public safety protection, wise stewardship of City resources and policies that promote safety, security, and a lasting stable environment.          
    Key Transportation Investments
    Proactively maintaining an efficient and effective infrastructure will meet the high level of community expectations.  We will plan for and invest in critical infrastructure improvements that enhance safety, improve life quality, and support opportunities for redevelopment, while sustaining the natural environment.