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Snowfall Hazards & Ice Control
Hydrant or Alarm Information
Fire Department

Snowplow and Ice Clearing
Public Works Department

6301 Shingle Creek Pkwy.
Brooklyn Center, MN  55430

Ph: (763) 569-3300
Fx: (763) 569-3494
Emergency 911

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Snowfalls often bury fire hydrants, heat vents and exitways. With several feet of snow piled up and more snow on its way, residents and businesses are asked to keep fire hydrants, exitways and vents clear of snow and obstructions.

With recent snowfall, many fire hydrants are partially or completely buried in snow and need to be cleared as soon as possible. Residents and businesses are asked to clear snow at least three feet around hydrants and clear paths to hydrants in the neighborhood. If you are physically unable to clear a hydrant on your property, please ask a neighbor to help. You may also contact the Fire Department for assistance. You do not need to call the Fire Department if you have cleared a hydrant.  The Minnesota State Fire Marshal Division video explains how clearing hydrants can save lives and property. Watch video.

Gas furnaces, water heaters and gas meters
Vents for gas furnaces and water heaters or other fuel burning appliances should be cleared of blowing and drifting snow. Blocked appliance vents could result in loss of heat or buildup of deadly carbon monoxide. If your furnace is not working, check to see if the exhaust vent is clear of snow. Also check your gas meter regularly to be sure a three-foot clear area exists around your gas meter to prevent the regulator from freezing up and allow quick shutoff in an emergency.

Be sure to check carbon monoxide (CO) alarms within your home or business to make sure they are operating properly. CO alarms should be installed on every floor and outside of every bedroom in your home.

Building exitways and address numbers
All exitways, including emergency exits, from buildings should be checked to make sure they are accessible, and clear of snow and ice buildup. Be sure address numbers are not covered by snow.

Snow and ice removal etiquette
While it is sometimes difficult to find places to store snow during heavy snowfalls, residents and businesses are asked to follow basic snow and ice removal etiquette. If you have a snow removal contractor, please review these items with the contractor.
  • Do not place snow into or push across streets, or block sidewalks. This may create hazards for vehicles and pedestrians, cause drainage and ice problems, and otherwise hinder snow removal efforts of the city.
  • Do not place snow on neighboring properties without permission of the property owner.
  • Please make sure vehicles and equipment are not parked on the streets over night and during snow removal activities.
  • Please store garbage and recycling containers on your driveway, not in the street or on sidewalks.

Commuters are reminded to proceed slowly and with caution at intersections or driveways where snow height may reduce visibility.

Each year the Brooklyn Center Fire Department responds to numerous fire calls, many during winter months. In emergencies, every second matters and your assistance in providing quick access to hydrants and buildings saves valuable time for emergency responders.


  • Questions about fire safety- Contact the Brooklyn Center Fire Department at (763) 549-3600.
  • Questions about streets snow removal- Contact Public Works at (763) 585-7100.