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Water & Sewer Rate Information
Water, sanitary sewer, storm drainage, street lights and recycling fees are billed quarterly. Final bills are generated several times a month, when a property is sold. Delinquent utility bills are certified to property taxes as special assessments annually. A certification fee of $50.00 is added to all accounts that transfer to special assessments.

On January 11, 2021 the City Council approved the utility rates for billings after January 11, 2021. Based on these rates, the minimum bill for residential accounts is $145.55 per quarter or $103.43 if you qualify for the senior sewer rate. These minimum amounts assume no water usage during the quarter.

Water Utility (Resolution 2021-10)

Residential Accounts
Water meters are read by the Public Utilities department in the week prior to billing. Meters that do not provide a reading will be estimated based on prior usage.

$17.44 quarterly charge

Water Conservation Rates
0 to 30,000                             $2.91 per 1,000 gallons
31,000 to 60,000                    $3.62 per 1,000 gallons
61,000 and greater                 $5.41 per 1,000 gallons

Charge for Damaged Meter
The Public Utilities division is responsible for maintaining all water meters in the system. However, the cost of repairing water meters damaged through negligence of a property owner, tenant, or agent will be charged to the owner of the meter. The City will charge a $149.00 fee for any stolen or damaged meter (5/8" or 3/4") due to negligence (i.e. tampering, external physical damage, excessive heat or cold temperatures) etc. The Public Utilities division will replace or repair meters found to be worn or defective, and you as a customer are required to allow access to the meter at reasonable times for such replacement or repair.

Commercial Accounts
Water meters for commercial accounts are read at the same time as residential meters by the Public Utilities department. Minimum billings for commercial accounts are based on meter size:

 Meter Size (Inches)  Minimum Quarterly Charge



 1 1/2










Usage charges for commercial accounts are $3.84 per 1,000 gallons used.

Sanitary Sewer Utility (Resolution 2021-11)
Sanitary sewer is billed as a flat fee for residential accounts. A senior rate is available for those who qualify. (View application form.) Billing for non-residential accounts is based on gallons of water used during the quarter.

Single Family     $93.59
Apartment          $65.51 per unit
Senior rate         $51.47

Non-residential  $3.95 per 1,000 gallons water used

View Senior Sewer Rate Application Form.

Storm Drainage Utility (Resolution 2021-12)
Storm drainage fees are billed as a flat fee, based per lot for most residential customers and per acre for non-residential and multiple family residential. 

 Property Type  Charge

Residential, per lot: Single Family, Duplex, Townhouse


Base Rate


Cemeteries and Golf Courses




School, Government Buildings


Multiple Family, Churches


Commercial, Industrial


Street Light Utility (Resolution 2021-13)

Street light fees are billed as a flat rate, based on dwelling units for residential customers and per acre for non-residential customers. 
Residential, per dwelling lot:                                                 
 Single, Double, and Multi-family Residential  $6.55

Non-residential and multi-family residential, per acre   
 Parks  $10.90
 Schools, Government Buildings, Churches  $21.80
 Retail and Service Office  $32.69
 Commercial and Industrial  $32.69

Recycling Utility (Resolution 2021-14)

The City of Brooklyn Center is a member of the Hennepin Recycling Group (HRG). Residential recycling is picked up every other week on your regular trash day. For billing questions, please call (763) 569-3390. If you have questions about recycling service, you can contact the Program Administrator at (763) 493-8007 or go to HRG’s website at

Residential, per household                       $11.98