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Tenant / Landlord Information
The City of Brooklyn Center encourages good tenant/landlord relationships.  The rights and duties of landlords and tenants in Minnesota is described in the handbook Landlords and Tenants:  Rights and Responsibilities published by the Attorney General's office.  This booklet covers lease agreements, background checks, screening, security deposits, evictions, and other tenant/landlord issues.

HOME LINE (612) 728-5767
HOME Line provides free legal, organizing, education, and advocacy services so that tenants can solve their own rental housing problems. HOME Line works to improve public and private policies relating to rental housing by involving affected tenants in the process.  Tenant/landlord law advice and problem-solving includes:

  • Explanations of applicable laws
  • Procedures for legal options available to tenants
  • Providing form letters, fact sheets, excerpts from statutes, or other written information
  • Referrals to local housing inspectors, sources of emergency assistance, etc.
  • Tenants who contact HOME Line will usually receive immediate attention to their problem from one of the staff attorneys or law student volunteers. Tenants will receive free advice regarding Minnesota landlord/tenant law and options for resolving the problem will be offered. HOME Line is free and available to all tenants, regardless of income.