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Capital Improvement Program
The City of Brooklyn Center has implemented a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), which provides long-term planning and management of infrastructure and buildings throughout the City. The CIP is a planning document that presents a 15-year overview of scheduled capital projects to address the City’s goals for maintaining public infrastructure in four functional areas: street improvements, park improvements, public utilities and capital building maintenance Improvements.

The CIP includes a long-term financing plan that allows the City to allocate funds for these projects based on assigned priorities. The 15-year horizon of the CIP provides the City with an opportunity to evaluate project priorities annually and to adjust the timing, scope and cost of projects as new information becomes available. The information contained in this plan represents an estimate of improvement costs based on present knowledge and expected conditions. Changes in community priorities, infrastructure condition and inflation rates require that adjustments be made on a routine basis.

What is Capital Improvement?
A capital improvement is defined as a major non-recurring expenditure related to the City’s physical facilities and grounds. The current CIP makes a concerted effort to distinguish between major maintenance projects contained in the City’s operating budgets and capital improvement projects financed through the City’s capital funds and proprietary funds. Typical expenditures include the cost to construct roads, utilities, parks, or municipal structures.

The CIP is predicated on the goals and policies established by the City Council, including the general development, redevelopment and maintenance policies that are part of the City’s comprehensive plan. A primary objective of the CIP is to identify projects that further these goals and policies in a manner consistent with funding opportunities and in coordination with other improvement projects.

2021 Capital Improvement Plan