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Forestry provides for the maintenance, trimming and reforestation of trees in parks, boulevards and other public areas as well as registration of tree contractors wishing to do business in the City. Forestry also operates programs which target residential properties such as the Diseased Tree Program and it is responsible for administration of the City's noxious weed eradication program as well as grass and weed cutting on freeway access right-of-way.

Forestry Goals
  • Continue with annual park and boulevard reforestation replacement plan for trees damaged by accident or disease.
  • Continue review of tree care policy to better care for the urban forest.
  • Maintain the standards of a Tree City USA community.
  • Work throughout the community to maintain the Diseased Tree Program.
  • Provide boulevard and storm damage tree trimming as necessary.
  • Continue to administer the noxious week program in a fair manner and to improve the appearance of excess freeway right-of-way by providing for periodic mowing.


    Tree Trimming
    Report downed trees or limbs in streets or storm damaged boulevard trees. Call (763)-585-7100 during regular business hours (7:00 am to 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday); otherwise, after hours call Police Department 911 (the dispatcher will contact the appropriate on-call service staff).