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Emergency Management
Emergency Management is Mitigation Preparedness Response and Recovery
Emergency Preparedness is headed by the Fire Chief, although all City Departments share a role in Emergency Management.  The City's Emergency Management Plan coordinates the City of Brooklyn Center's response to emergency situations, whether natural or man-made.  The plan is developed in coordination with local, state, and federal agencies in order to aid and manage all local emergencies.

The mission of Emergency Management is to protect citizens, save lives, and reduce property damage by implementing and maintaining a comprehensive emergency plan.

Phases of Emergency Management
  • Prevention - Mitigation: Identifying all potential hazards and vulnerabilities, and reducing the potential damage they can cause
  • Preparedness: Collaborating with community partners to develop plans and protocols to prepare for the possibility that the identified hazards, vulnerabilities, or emergencies will occur
  • Response: Working closely with first responders and community partners to effectively contain and resolve an emergency in or around a school or campus
  • Recovery: Teaming with community partners to assist students and staff in the healing process and restoring a healthy and safe learning environment following an emergency event

More Information
For additional information about emergency management, please contact the Fire Chief (763) 549-3610.