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Alerts & Notifications

The City may provide public safety alerts and notifications in order to seek public assistance, provide public safety information, or as part of a legal notification requirement.  Please visit the links below to view any current alerts or notifications. Due to the infrequency of these notifications, information may not exist.

Predatory Offender Information
Periodically the Police Department issues Crime Alerts or Level III Predatory Offender Notifications.  Please see the following links for more information about these notifications.
Why is there a public meeting about a Level III predatory offender who has moved into my Brooklyn Center Neighborhood?
The information in any predatory offender notification in Brooklyn Center is designed to raise an awareness to help avoid situations involving vulnerable circumstances and to reduce the chances of further criminal conduct by the offender. 

The Department of Corrections evaluates and screens prisoners prior to their release. This does not mean they can predict someone’s future behavior. It is a process to compare past behavior with that of others to determine risk categories and how they might act upon release. A Brooklyn Center public meeting is designed and required to give information on level three predatory offenders to area neighbors to make them aware of the offender and to help watch out for each other by working together. 

What do I do to protect my family and myself? 
Talk to your children. Open communication between parents and children are vital components of family safety. Explain in general terms that this new person in the neighborhood has hurt someone before and we want you to stay away from them to be safe. Review safety tips and common lures used to get kids into a vulnerable situation. Monitor your kids always knowing who they are with and where they are at. 

What do I tell my kids on how to stay safe? 
Keep information general as it may protect them from others who might try to harm them as well. Avoid details that are explicit or frightening. Explain the importance of avoiding dangerous situations rather than trying to teach them to just stay away from one person you know about. 

Use these basics to help stay safe from an offender: 

  • DO NOT go into his home or yard.
  • DO NOT accept a ride from him.
  • TELL your parents if he offers you toys, money, or gifts.
  • USE the buddy system when playing outdoors.
  • STAY with trusted adults that are watching you.
  • CALL 911 if your parents aren’t home and you are approached by the offender.

Will I be informed when this offender moves out of my neighborhood? 
No. The notification about predatory offenders is basic safety information to help create awareness of an offender moving into your neighborhood. There are many predatory offenders in this state as well as other states. It would serve no purpose to have people relax or not follow safety measures because the one offender they knew about moved from the neighborhood. 

How will this information make a difference with this or any other predatory offender? 
Predatory offenders gain power from operating in a mode of secrecy. Notifying the community of an offender takes away their hidden agenda by making neighbors aware of their identity and where they live. Any power that the community takes back from the offender helps to reduce opportunities for victimization. Brooklyn Center appreciates your willingness to be involved in community education and the notification process to help empower you and your family to be safe. 

Who do I call if I suspect the offender is doing something they shouldn’t? 
Call 911 any time you think the offender has committed a crime as you would with any criminal activity. Any other activity of the offender that might be a violation of probation or a condition of release that you are unsure of can be answered by the Probation Office at the number supplied to you on the offender fact sheet. 

Who do I call for victim services involving a sexual assault? 
If you or someone you know has been a victim of a sexual assault, please call the Minnesota Center for Crime Victim Services at 651-201-7300, Option 1 for help and advice. This agency provides support and service to the community and is staffed by persons trained and experienced in helping people deal with victims of sexual assault. If you have been a victim and did not report the crime, please take the opportunity to contact the Brooklyn Center Police Department. Your report may assist in apprehending a criminal before they can commit another offense. 

For information about predatory offenders, please visit the Minnesota Department of Corrections website at

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