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Fire Inspections
Brandon Gautsch
Fire Inspector

Fire Headquarters
6250 Brooklyn Boulevard
Brooklyn Center, MN  55429

Phone: (763) 549-3642
Fax: (763) 549-3659

Monday - Friday
7:00 am - 3:30 pm
The primary purpose of our inspection program is to inspect all commercial properties in the City of Brooklyn Center in order to identify hazards to life and property. By educating the business community as to the causes of fire or other problems the potential for incidents may be reduced or eliminated. The effectiveness of the program as a whole is dependent on the ability of the inspectors to introduce business owners and occupants to the need for corrections when necessary and the reasons for them. The Fire Department conducts inspections for existing and new construction in conjunction with the Building & Community Standards Department Building Inspectors.

Commercial Inspections 
During an inspection, Fire Inspectors identify fire hazards and life safety issues of buildings throughout the city. Inspectors document discrepancies and educate business owners about the importance of complying with the code. Each business owner is granted a grace period to meet compliance before the Inspector returns for a re-inspection.

Inspection Schedule
The BCFD recognizes the inspection schedule as set forth in the International Fire Code. Listed below are the occupancy classifications and their inspection frequency.

One-Year Cycle
Occupancy Type: Businesses classified as High Hazard

  • Hazardous
  •  Institutional
  • High Rise
  • Assembly
  • Residential (except one and two family dwellings and only interior common areas of dwelling units of multi-family occupancies)

Two-Year Cycle
Occupancy Type: Businesses classified as Medium Hazard

  • Industrial and Educational (except public schools)

Three-Year Cycle
Occupancy Type: Businesses classified as Low Hazard

  • Business
  • Mercantile
  • Storage
  • Places of Worship