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Sewer Backups

If you experience a sewer backup problem, call the City before calling a sewer cleaning service. City public utility personnel will respond and determine if the blockage is in the City sewer line or your private sewer line at no charge to the resident. If a sewer cleaning service is called first and the blockage is in the City line, the sewer cleaning service typically will charge the resident for the call out.  The City won't reimburse you for that charge.


7 am to 3:30 pm, Weekdays - (763) 585-7100

After Hours, Weekends, and Holidays - call 911 Police Department

Public Utility on-call personnel will assist with the problem.

If you hire a sewer cleaning service and they remove tree roots, please notify the City to prevent a secondary backup from occurring. A secondary backup can occur when roots cleaned from private house sewer lines get lodged in the main City sewer line. If unchecked, this could result in a sewer backup in your basement as well as your neighbor’s basement.

Does your homeowner insurance cover sewer backups?

Occasionally sewage will backup into businesses and/or private residences as a result of blockages in private sewer services or the public sewer system. When this occurs, in addition to the mess and odor, considerable damage can also occur to property. Most homeowner insurance policies will not cover this without a special rider and the City will not cover damages unless it is proven that the City was negligent in maintaining its system. The City recommends you consider obtaining a rider that would cover such damage if it would occur.

Important News Regarding the City's Sanitary Sewer System