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Grandview South Project
On Monday, January 11, 2021, the City Council approved plans and specifications and authorized advertisement for bids. Staff anticipates the bid results will be presented to the City Council for consideration at the February 22 City Council meeting.

Project Details
Full street reconstruction with concrete curb and gutter
Storm sewer replacement
Sanitary sewer replacement 
Partial water main replacement 

Contact Information 
Project Management Team 
Please contact the project manager/inspector for all of the project coordination issues and information.  

  • Jay Hill, Principal Engineer - 763-569-3332 or

Utility Outages
Please contact the following for utility outages: 

  • CenterPoint Energy gas leak: 612-372-5050
  • Xcel Energy electric outage: 1-800-895-1999
  • CenturyLink: 1-877-348-9007
  • Comcast: 1-800-934-6489
  • City of Brooklyn Center (water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, street lighting, or traffic signal systems) 7:00 am to 3:30 pm: 763-585-7100.  After hours call 911 (the dispatcher will contact the appropriate on-call service staff). 

Project Schedule
  • September 10, 2020 - Neighborhood Information Meeting 
  • September 28, 2020 - City Council to receive feasibility report 
  • October 26, 2020 - City Council to conduct public hearing, authorize the project and order preparation of plans and specifications
  • December 14, 2020 - City Council to conduct public hearing to establish assessment rates
  • January 11, 2020 - City Council to approve plans and specifications and authorize the advertisement for bids
  • February 2021 - Bid opening 
  • February/March 2021 - Project award
  • March/April 2021 - Neighborhood pre-construction meeting 
  • April 2021 - Start of construction 
  • October 2021 - Construction substantially complete

Project History
On September 28, 2020, the City Council accepted the City Engineer's Feasibility Report, declared costs to be assessed and called for an improvement public hearing on October 26, 2020.  Property owners will be mailed a letter detailing the project and special assessment information together with Notice of Public Hearing and a feasibility summary.  

On October 26, 2020, an improvement public hearing was held regarding ordering improvements and authorizing preparation of plans and specifications.

On November 9, 2020, the City Council declared certain project costs to be assessed for the Grandview South Area Street and Storm Drainage Improvements and called for a public hearing on the proposed special assessments to be held on December 14, 2020.  All potentially affected property owners will be notified by mail of the date of the assessment public hearing and the amount of proposed special assessments.

On December 14, 2020, an assessment public hearing was held to consider certification of proposed special assessments for the street and storm drainage improvements for project.  At the meeting, the City Council accepted the levy roll and certified the special assessments for the improvements to the Hennepin County Tax Rolls.  Property owners are able to pay their assessments before September 30, 2021, without interest.  From October 1 through November 21, 2021, property owners may pay the assessments with interest calculated from October 1, through the date of payment.  Special Assessments not paid by the end of the business day on November 21, 2021, will then roll to Hennepin County property taxes and are payable over the ten (10) year period, beginning in 2022.  

Project area map Grandview South.png
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