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Vitals™ Aware Services App
What is the Vitals App?
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Vitals™ is an opt-in, app-based technology that provides first responders and police with real-time information about vulnerable individuals living with emotional, intellectual, and developmental disabilities.

How does it work?
When a Vitals user comes within 80 feet of an officer or first responder equipped with the service, the officer will get a notification about the person’s diagnosis and how they may best interact with them.

Do you have to sign up for the service?
A vulnerable person (or their family member) registers online. A beacon is worn that takes the form of a keychain, necklace, debit card or bracelet. An Android phone can also serve as the beacon. More information and to sign up, visit

Why is this program a benefit?
Conditions like mental illness, intellectual disabilities or an autism spectrum disorder are often invisible, giving no clue to the police officer that the situation may need to be handled in a different way. An officer can receive important information on their smart phones that will help them de-escalate or resolve a situation by providing a response catered to a person’s specific needs and vulnerabilities. Brooklyn Center Police are excited to use the Vitals App as we believe it will help protect vulnerable residents.

What is included in the user profile?
Families and caregivers create the digital profile with contact information and condition, plus known triggers and de-escalation techniques. The app even allows a family member or caregiver to upload a video message directed to the individual letting them know that the first responder is there to help. The information shared is defined by the user.

What if I have more questions?
More information and answers to commonly asked questions can be found here

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