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City Council Candidate Information
Mayor and City Council
Brooklyn Center is served by a Mayor and four at-large City Council members who are each elected to serve four-year terms and have one equal vote when deciding an issue. City Council elections take place in even-numbered election years. 

Filing for Office
The next schedule election will be 2022.

Becoming a candidate for elected office in Minnesota?

Campaign Finance Reports

Campaigning Minnesota


Name                                                      Date Filed
Goyah, Sizi 05/19/2020  
Daniels, Alfreda 05/19/2020
Dahdal, Faisal Zuhair 05/21/2020
Butler, Marquita 05/28/2020 Lawrence-Anderson, Kris 06/01/2020 Suste, Christine 06/01/2020 Xiong, Leng 06/01/2020