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Bee Keeping
Overview of Ordinance
  • Up to 4 Hives in an R1 or R2 zoning district allowed
  • Registration with city required
  • Apiary site must be inspected as part of the initial registration
  • Applicant must attend a training or receive certification in bee keeping
  • Neighbors within 200 feet would be notified prior to approving a registration
  • If neighbor presents a documented bee allergy registration may be denied
  • Registration denials can be appealed to a hearing officer and then to City Council
  • 2 year renewal for registrations
  • Colony Location: 
  • Must be located in rear yard
  • Must be a minimum of 30 feet from adjacent dwellings or a fly away barrier is required
  • Water source required
  • Bee keeping equipment shall be properly maintained and well kept 

Registration Process:
Submit application by March 31, including bee keeping training certificate or date scheduled.

City Staff will notify all residents within 200 feet of applicants property

If no disputes are received within 2 weeks of the notice the applicant will be notified that no disputes were received and that an inspection is scheduled.

After the inspection the approved registration will be mailed to the applicant.

The registration is good for 2 years and there is no fee or inspection for renewals.

Bee Keeping Course Resources:

The following are of available beekeeping courses, there may be other training opportunities available by Master Beekeepers or Accredited Universities that are not listed. If you are unsure if a coarse is accepted for your registration you may contact Jesse Anderson (763)-569-3420 or e-mail.

Bee Keeping Training Course