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Backyard Chicken Ordinance Overview

The Brooklyn Center City Council made changes to the city ordinance in October of 2018 allowing backyard chickens at residential 1 and 2 family properties. The following is a list of regulations relating the keeping of backyard chickens.

    • Roosters are prohibited
    • No more than 6 Hens
    • A Coop and Run
    • Only permitted in R1 and R2 districts
    • The Run and Coop cannot exceed 120 square feet and 6 feet in height
    • Must be located entirely in the rear yard
    • Must be 5 feet from lot lines
    • 30ft. from adjacent dwellings

Chicken Coop requirements:
  • Fully enclosed and keeps the Chickens in and migratory birds out.
  • Must be winterized
  • Architecturally appropriate building materials
  • Coops that exceed 30 square feet count as an accessory building
  • Must be constructed with architecturally appropriate building materials

Chicken Run Requirements:
  • Must be fully enclosed with a fence that is securely constructed with mesh type material no larger than one (1) inch
  • Included overhead netting

Other Requirements:
  • Must be in good repair
  • Nuisance odors must be prevented
  • Feed must be stored in a leak proof container
  • Chickens must be secured inside coop at night
  • Chickens cannot run at large
  • No slaughter, fighting, breeding of chickens
  • No Commercial sale of eggs
  • Rental properties will required written permission form property owner.