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Suspicious Activity
What should you look for?
Brooklyn Center Police Officers are dispatched and respond to check out suspicious activities. It could be the call you make that will help direct officers to the right area to investigate and prevent a crime. Get to know your neighbors so that you confidently recognize if someone does not belong in your neighborhood.

Here are some examples of suspicious activity to report:
  • If a situation doesn’t seem right, it’s suspicious.
  • People in an area at an unusual time of day or night.
  • Non-residents going into the backyard or side area of a house
  • Someone seen looking into vehicles or house window areas.
  • Anyone seen tampering with doors, windows and locks.
  • Persons loitering around homes, schools, parks and business or utility areas
  • Kids out past curfew time and people in a business area or park after hours.
  • Vehicles moving slowly and following a course that is aimless or repetitive especially with their lights off.
  • High short-term traffic with possible drug activity.
  • Any sounds that would indicate an unusual noise, struggle, accident, vandalism, or loud explosive noise.
  • You believe life or property is in danger.

Tell your neighbors if they see suspicious activity or a person to call 9-1-1. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact the Brooklyn Center Police Department at 9-1-1.   Thank you for your assistance.