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Have you ever considered becoming a firefighter? The Brooklyn Center Fire Department (BCFD) actively recruits paid on-call firefighters each year. This is an exciting part-time and on-call position in emergency services that will challenge your mind and your body. It will also give you training and experience that may be used for a full-time job in the fire service. Whatever your goal, if you are a motivated individual, physically fit, and over the age of 18, this is an opportunity for you to serve your community.

Being a Brooklyn Center firefighter is a unique part-time job with both scheduled and unscheduled/on-call response hours that are not predictable. This is not a full-time job, and our firefighters work full-time in other careers. Over 80% of fire department in Minnesota and the Twin Cities operate this way. This job requires commitment, a desire to progress through the orientation and training process, and be self-motivated. This doesn’t happen just by showing up and putting the time in, so one truly needs a passion for the fire service and to become a part of the BCFD.
BCFD is a paid-on-call department and uses a duty-crew model. There is a crew on-duty from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week. Many calls are handled by the duty crew during that time period. Once a recruit completes the academy, they can participate in duty crew shifts. Outside of those hours, firefighters carry a pager and respond from home when they are able to do so. Currently a firefighter is responsible to respond to 25% of all calls that are not handled by the duty crew. 

Candidate Requirements

All applicants must be over 18 years old, have a high school diploma or GED, and currently live within a eight-minute response area to one of our two fire stations, as determined by BCFD. In addition, the applicant is subject to a written exam, interview, criminal background check, driving record check, psychological exam and medical exam.

Checkout our Fire Station Locations to learn if you live within the eight-minute response zone. This map can be used to give the applicant a general idea: BCFD 8-Minute Response Map. However, BCFD administration will determine if the address is acceptable.
Required Training

Recruits complete the following training while in the Fire Academy:

General Department Orientation and Competency (ongoing)

  • Incident Command System (6 Hours)
  • Firefighter I & II (295 Hours)
  • Hazardous Materials Operational Level (40 Hours)
  • Emergency Medical Responder (40 Hours)
  • Fire Apparatus Operator (40 Hours)
  • Emergency Vehicle Operator (8 hours)

No Experience or Training? No Problem: The department will provide all necessary training, which can be accomplished on nights and weekends, or during the day if necessary. The entire Fire Academy process takes 18-months before being appointed as a Regular Firefighter.

Already Trained?: If a person already possesses the necessary certifications in fire and emergency medical services, then the probationary period is advanced, lasting only 12 months.
Compensation & Pension

Firefighters are paid an hourly wage for time when on responding to calls, on-duty, in training and for other department activities. Currently, the wage for a new recruit is $10.93 per hour without the minimum certifications, or $11.91 per hour with the minimum certifications. This increases to $16.23 after completing the Fire Academy and the 18-month probationary period.

Firefighters also participate in the Fire Relief Association, and are eligible for a pension after 10+ years of service.


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