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Strategic Plan
The purpose of the Alliance is to cooperatively support positive youth development in out-of-school-time opportunities for all youth in Brooklyn Center and Brooklyn Park.

Shared Vision: Build an out-of-school-time system
The Brooklyn Bridge Alliance assures the success of all youth by challenging the conditions that diminish their hope, by assuring that all youth are connected to a trusted adult who is vested in their healthy development as measured by educational success and mastery of essential skills.

Outcomes for Youth: Build hope and connect all youth
  1. Youth will have access to high-quality programs beyond the classroom that build hope and prevent risk-taking behaviors.
  2. Youth are connected to a trusted adult.
  3. Youth will master essential life skills such as: problem solving, decision-making, skilled communication, resourcefulness, self-direction and responsibility.
  4. Youth will graduate from high school on time and be prepared for higher education and the workplace.

Strategic Plan Goals: Move ideas into action
  1. Increase successful coordination of diverse stakeholders
  2. Work collectively to increase access to expanded learning opportunities
  3. Measure and improve the quality of expanded learning opportunities
  4. Optimize the use of public and private resources to enhance the infrastructures that support expanded learning opportunities
  5. Develop tools to share and coordinate data between expanded learning opportunities and schools
  6. Engage youth in leadership opportunities to support their own development and inform the work of the community