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About Us
About Us

The Brooklyn Bridge Alliance for Youth assures the success of all youth by challenging the conditions that diminish their hope, by assuring that all youth are connected to a trusted adult who is vested in their healthy development as measured by educational success and mastery of essential skills

The hope of youth and their families is diminished by their disconnection and disengagement from resources, social networks and systems that can support their healthy development.  In addition to this, schools parks, police, city councils, elected officials and social service agencies are oftentimes unaware of existing resources, or due to current policies and practices, are limited in their ability to develop effective solutions that could engage youth, parents, organizations and the broader community to ensure that youth are on a path towards graduation, college and work.

Outcomes for Youth: Build hope and connect all youth

Increased graduation rates

Reduce violence that diminishes hope in youth

Increased pathways to college and career

Strategic Plan Goals: Move ideas into action

1. Increase successful coordination of diverse stakeholders

2. Work collectively to increase access to expanded learning opportunities

3. Measure and improve the quality of expanded learning opportunities

4. Optimize the use of public and private resources to enhance the infrastructures that support expanded learning opportunities

5. Develop tools to share and coordinate data between expanded learning opportunities and schools

6. Engage youth in leadership opportunities to support their own development and inform the work of the community