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Core Values
Established June 2013 By members of the Executive Leadership Team, Strategy Team, Brooklyns Youth Council, Communications team, and Youth Advisory Team and Alliance staff 

The core values of our organization are those values that form the foundation for our work performance and our conduct. We have an entire universe of values, but some values are so primary that they continue to be a constant force even though society, government, politics, and technology may change. Our values are unique to our shared vision and years of collaboration.
  • Govern our personal relationships
  • Guide our business processes (How we do our work…)
  • Clarify who we are
  • Articulate what we stand for
  • Help explain why we do business the way we do
  • Guide us on how to teach
  • Inform us on how to reward
  • Guide us in making decisions
  • Underpin the whole organization
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Courageous Leadership and Action
We are committed to taking courageous steps in becoming more dynamic, creative and open-minded in our work. We recognize that in order to experience real gains and growth, and in order to become truly innovative, we need to take calculated risks without fear. 

Positive Development for All Youth in All Places
We are led by a commitment to and passion for youth. We recognize that all youth are entitled to a safe and thriving community where principles of positive youth development guide their interactions with adults, organizations, programs, schools, jobs and all other areas of their community. It is this passion that first brought us to the Alliance table, and it is this commitment that keeps us coming back again and again. 

Authentic, Timely and Respectful Communication
We understand that true and effective communication is built on relationships marked by trust, honesty and inclusion. The Alliance is committed to this level of communication with youth, stakeholders, Alliance members and with the community in order to ensure that all voices are included and heard, and that we are respectful and considerate of one another in the communication process. 

Youth Engagement, Voice and Leadership
Together, youth and adults commit themselves to establishing programs, policies and practices that honor and include youth voice and their capacity to lead and engage at all levels of the Alliance. The Alliance will learn from and share these programs, policies and practices with partners in order to strengthen our work with youth throughout the community. 

Individual and Collective Learning, Growing, Assessing and Celebrating
We understand that the Alliance is engaged in a continual process of doing, learning and growing, and that that process exists on an individual level before leading to organizational and institutional change. The Alliance is committed to evolving in response to the changing needs of the community, and sharing wisdom between partners to inform our practice, setting goals and measuring progress, and celebrating our milestones and successes. 

Inclusive processes to maximize our resources
We understand that working collaboratively and unifying our diverse organizations will better equip us in order to face the unique challenges and the opportunities we experience. We will seek to include a broad network of perspectives to establish an inclusive community where resources are used creatively and effectively.