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Heat Safety Tips
Extreme heat or heat waves can be dangerous to health if appropriate precautions are not taken.  Some tips to keep cool and additional resources are provided.

Tips to Keep Cool
The following recommendations will help keep you cool and safe during hot weather:  
  • Drink plenty of water or juice
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine
  • Wipe skin with cool water as needed
  • Reduce outside activities
  • Wear light-weight and light-colored clothing
  • Stay inside during the hottest time of day (between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.)
  • Seek relief from the heat in air-conditioned locations

Please check on older, sick or frail people in your community who may need help responding to the heat.

Cooling Centers
In cases of extreme hot weather, the City may establish cooling centers for residents to get temporary relief from the heat.  Any Cooling Centers may be provided at the end of the webpage.

Signs of Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke
Any person experiencing the signs of heat exhaustion or heat stroke should call 911 right away. The following information provides a few of the signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Heat Exhaustion Symptoms
- Confusion
- Nausea
- Light-headedness
- Muscle cramps
- Cool and clammy skin

Heat Stroke Symptoms
- Confusion
- Hallucinations
- Slurred Speech
- Hot, dry, flushed skin
- Rapid or slowed heart beat

Additional Resources
- at
- Center for Disease Control at

Temporary Cooling Centers- Available Until August 31, 2013

Brookdale Covenant Church
5139 Brooklyn Blvd 
Brooklyn Center 
10 am - 7 pm

Salvation Army Church
10011 Noble Parkway
Brooklyn Park
10 am - 5 pm

Redeemer Covenant Church
7801 Brooklyn Blvd
Brooklyn Park
10 am - 7 pm

Brooklyn Park Fire Station #2
5700 85th Av N
Brooklyn Park
10 am - 7 pm

Brooklyn Park Police South Precinct
7608 Brooklyn Blvd
Brooklyn Park
10 am - 7 pm