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Candidate Campaign Finance Information
City Clerk

6301 Shingle Creek Pkwy.
Brooklyn Center, MN  55430

Ph: (763) 569-3306
Fx: (763) 569-3494

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:30 pm
As candidates file for office, they are provided a copy of the Minnesota Campaign Manual.  The manual explains campaign financial reporting and campaign practices requirements and prohibitions that apply to candidates and committees active on the City level of government.  Candidates filing for municipal office and committees acting to influence the nomination, election, or defeat of a candidate are required to file a campaign financial report with the City Clerk within 14 days after the candidate or committee receives contributions or makes disbursements of more than $750 in a calendar year.  In a year when the candidate's name appears on the ballot, additional reports are due as follows:
  • 10 days before the primary election
  • 10 days before the general election
  • 30 days after a general election
  • by January 31 of each year following the year when the initial report was filed

A final report may be filed any time after the candidate, committee, or corporation has settled all debts and disposed of all assets in excess of $100 in aggregate.

Except for the City Clerk's enforcement of the prohibitions in Minn. Stat. 211B.11 against campaigning in or around polling places, the City Clerk does not interpret or enforce the Fair Campaign Practices statutes.  Concerned citizens should take their complaints directly to the State of Minnesota Office of Administrative Hearings, 612-349-2539 or 612-341-7666 or e-mail .

Campaign Manual and Reports
2018 Campaign Manual
Campaign Financial Report
Campaign Financial Report Certification of Filing

2018 Campaign Financial Reports Filed
(pursuant to Minn. Stat. 211A.02; kept on file four years from date posted)

Bumgarner, Don 11-27-18 Pre-General
Elliott, Mike 11-13-18 Pre-General
Elliott, Mike 11-13-18 Certification
Graves, April 10-02-18 Initial
Graves, April 10-26-18 Pre-General
Graves, April 11-14-18 Report
Graves, April 11-14-18 Certification
Ryan, Dan 06-22-18 Initial
Ryan, Dan 10-23-18 Pre-General
Ryan, Dan 11-12-18 Certification
Willson, Tim 06-04-18 Initial
Willson, Tim 10-26-18 Pre-General
Willson, Tim 11-11-18 Certification
Willson, Tim 11-11-18 Final

2016 Campaign Financial Reports Filed
(pursuant to
Minn. Stat. 211A.02; kept on file four years from date posted)

Butler, Marquita 08-01-16 Initial
Butler, Marquita 08-01-16 Certification
Butler, Marquita 11-01-16 Pre-General
Butler, Marquita 11-01-16 Certification
Lawrence-Anderson, Kris 11-14-16 Certification

2014 Campaign Financial Reports Filed
(pursuant to Minn. Stat. 211A.02; kept on file four years from date posted)

Ryan, Dan 11-24-14 Final
Christensen, Randy 11-25-14 Post-General
Christensen, Randy 11-25-14 Certification
Willson, Tim 12-02-14 Post-General
Willson, Tim 12-02-14 Final
Storla, Ned 12-03-14 Certification
Christensen, Randy 02-17-15 Final