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Filing for Office
Council Member Filings Open May 22, 2018
City Clerk

6301 Shingle Creek Pkwy.
Brooklyn Center, MN  55430

Ph: (763) 569-3306
Fx: (763) 569-3494

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Individuals who are eligible and desire to become a candidate for the office of Mayor or Council Member to be voted for at the November 6, 2018, municipal general election, must file an Affidavit of Candidacy with the City Clerk.

Affidavits of Candidacy for one (1) Mayor and two (2) Council Members will be accepted beginning at 8:00 am Tuesday, May 22, 2018, through 5:00 pm Tuesday, June 5 , 2018.  Please note that City Hall will be closed Monday, May 28, 2018, in observance of Memorial Day.

Mayor and Council Members serve a four-year term beginning January 2, 2019.

If more than twice the number of individuals to be elected as Mayor (more than 2 persons) or Council Member (more than 4 persons) file for office, a municipal primary will be held on August 14, 2018, to nominate candidates for the November 6, 2018, municipal general election.

Upon receiving a completed Affidavit of Candidacy and the payment of a filing fee of twenty-five dollars ($25) by a potential candidate or filing by the petition of fifty (50) registered voters on behalf of the candidate, the Clerk shall certify the eligibility of the candidate and place the name of the candidate upon the election ballot without partisan designation.

An Affidavit of Candidacy, along with the $25 filing fee or Petition in Place of Filing Fee, must be filed in the City Clerk's Office, City Hall, 6301 Shingle Creek Parkway.

Qualifications for Filing Affidavit of Candidacy
An Affidavit of Candidacy for municipal office is obtained from and filed with the City Clerk. An Affidavit of Candidacy shall state the name of the office sought and shall state that the candidate:
  1. Is an eligible voter*;
  2. has no other Affidavit on file as a candidate for any office at the same primary or next ensuing general election; and
  3.  is, or will be on assuming office, 21 years of age or more, and will have maintained residence in Brooklyn Center for 30 days before the general election (Minn. Stat. 204B.06, subd. 1).

* "eligible voter" as defined in MS 201.014, subd. 1, is an individual who meets the following requirements at the time of an election:
    • be 18 years of age or older;
    • be a citizen of the United States; and
    • maintain residence in Minnesota for 20 days immediately preceding the election.

Petition In Place Of Filing Fee

A Petition in Place of Filing Fee is obtained from and filed with the City Clerk. The Petition is also available to download at the bottom of this web page.

The City Clerk shall inspect the Petition in Place of Filing Fee to determine whether it has been signed by the required number of signatories and whether the signatories are registered voters in the city of Brooklyn Center.

Withdrawal from Election
A candidate for a municipal elective office may withdraw from the election by filing an Affidavit of Withdrawal with the City Clerk no later than 5:00 pm two days after the last day for filing Affidavits of Candidacy.  Thereafter, no candidate may file an affidavit of withdrawal (Minn. Stat. 205.13).

Absent Candidates
A candidate for municipal office who will be absent from the state during the filing period may submit a properly executed Affidavit of Candidacy and the appropriate filing fee or Petition in Place of Filing Fee in person to the City Clerk.  The candidate shall state in writing the reason for being unable to submit the Affidavit during the filing period.  The Affidavit and filing fee or Petition in Place of Filing Fee must be submitted to the City Clerk during the seven days immediately preceding the candidate's absence from the state (Minn. Stat. 205.13, subd. 1b).

Write-In Candidates
On general election ballots, voters always have the option of writing in a name instead of voting for one of the candidates named on the ballot. However, write-in candidates for Mayor and City Council Member need to file a request to have votes for them counted.

A write-in candidate for Mayor or City Council Member must file a written request for his or her votes to be counted. This request can be obtained from and must be filed with the Office of the City Clerk no later than the 7th day before the municipal general election (October 30, 2018).

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