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2017 Nomination Recipients
2017 Nomination Recipients
On October 23, 2017, the Brooklyn Center City Council recognized persons who were nominated for a Random Acts of Kindness award during 2017.  This year there were 22 nominations received.

Random Acts submitted included:
donate to schools and churches
watch over a neighbor’s property
lend a helping hand to neighbors
volunteer countless hours at community events and activities
provide students with excellent education and teachers
return shopping carts dispersed throughout the area
provide joy and entertainment by hula dancing
award scholarships
sew quilts at church
offer affordable fresh food
provide affordable, good quality shoes
give students coupons for reading
provide grocery store on wheels with affordable, healthy food
complete Eagle Scout projects in the community
host free fresh fruit giveaways
support the environment by increasing recycling efforts and picking up trash in parks
provide neighborly services such as snow blow a driveway and mow a lawn

The City Council extended its appreciation to all who participated in this year's Random Acts of Kindness recognition, to those making nominations, and especially to those who have contributed to the quality of life here in Brooklyn Center.

Random Acts of Kindness Nominees
Kristin Wolf – Brooklyn Center Walmart
Matthew Chopp
Ron, Patricia, Tigre, and Graham Campbell
Diane Sannes
Keith Stutz
Craig Smith – Odyssey Academy
Mark Allen – Allen Property Services
Bella O’Hara – Brooklyn Center Kaleiokapilialoha Hula School
Brooklyn Center Women’s Club
CEAP Quilters
Scott Weatherhead and Staff – Fare For All
Shawn Morrison, Seth Jankovsky and CREW – Shoe Away Hunger
Gina Zappa – Brooklyn Center McDonald’s
Filsan Ibrahim – Twin Cities Mobile Market/Amherst H. Wilder Foundation
Aiden Shold
ChaLee Yang
Michael Johnson
Fern Warner – Park Nicollet
Joan Cady – HealthPartners
Jill Dalton
Bonnie and Gary Varness
Cliff and Lisa Eubanks
Al and Sharon Pierskalla

View photos of recipients of Random Acts of Kindness