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Consumer Confidence Report/Water Quality Report
All community water systems must distribute an annual Drinking Water Report, officially known as a Consumer Confidence Report, to their customers. The basic information required in the report includes the source of the system's drinking water, any monitoring results that showed detections for the previous calendar year, including any violations, compliance information, and standard language by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

In January 2013, the City Council directed staff to develop an action plan to address manganese levels in the City’s drinking water. This was in response to a health advisory issued by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) regarding potential health risks associated with high levels of manganese.

The plan’s short-term actions included reducing the amount of water being pumped from the wells with elevated manganese levels and increasing public outreach efforts relative to the health risk. The long-term solution to reduce the potential manganese health risk in the City water supply is to construct a water treatment plant. 

2017 Consumer Confidence Report

2016 Consumer Confidence Report is now available.

2015 Water Quality Report  (Consumer Confidence Report).
 If you desire a paper copy of the report please contact 763-585-7100 or email and a copy will be provided.