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Central Garage/Fleet Maintenance
The Central Garage owns and services a wide range of vehicles such as fire trucks, police squad cars, dump trucks, mowers, loaders, pickups, and City staff cars. The Central Garage also services minor equipment such as chain saws, weed whips, trailers, pumps and generators.

The Central Garage acts as a supportive central hub for City operations to ensure a practical vehicle replacement schedule and provides for sufficient funding for future year's operations and replacement schedule.

Central Garage Goals:
  • Perform routine and preventive maintenance for the City's vehicles and capital equipment.
  • Complete an average of 1,700 maintenance and repair orders annually.
  • Replacement of City vehicles and equipment as scheduled.
  • Administration of Central Garage functions including replacement, repair and maintenance.
  • Continue to provide departments with monthly detailed billings and cost accounting for all operating costs.