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Special Homestead Classification
Minnesota Statute 273.13 subdivision 22 Class 1b provides a reduced class rate for homestead property of any person who: 
  1. Is blind, the blind individual and their spouse, or 
  2. Is permanently and totally disabled and 
  3. Receives 90 percent or more of total household income from; aid from any state as a result of that disability, or supplemental security income for the disabled, or workers’ compensation based on a finding of total and permanent disability.

Although the 1b disabled class is a homestead classification, it is unlike other homesteads in that the qualification is specific to the person and the disabling condition. This differs from a conventional homestead where the classification is predicated on the use of the property. Because of this, the Department of Revenue recommends that the disabled classification follow the disabled individual from one property to another.

Taxpayers seeking this special homestead classification for the disabled or blind must make application to the City of Brooklyn Center. For an application to receive the blind or disabled homestead or more information, call the Building & Community Standards Department at (763) 569-3310.

Special Homestead Application