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Deer Management
In 2003 the City Council adopted a deer management plan to create an acceptable environmental balance that will facilitate the peaceful co-existence of citizens and wildlife. In accordance with the plan, the City has conducted three deer harvesting efforts. Each hunt has taken place within the City limits of Brooklyn Center in the Palmer Lake Basin area and/or Kylawn Preserve Park. The hunt typically removes six to twenty deer.

Determining the Need to Harvest Deer
The Department of Natural Resources periodically conducts research to estimate the deer population in an area. When the number of deer exceeds the recommended norm of fifteen to twenty deer per square mile of habitat area, a deer reduction plan is considered. The hunt is typically conducted by bow hunting and over bait in January when the ground is frozen. Deer hunting has occurred in two locations within the city, Palmer Lake Basin Area and Kylawn Preserve Park.

Deer Feeding Prohibited
City Ordinance Section 1-200 prohibits the intentional feeding of deer. It is a misdemeanor to intentionally feed deer or provide a deer lick. Many people feed deer or provide salt because they enjoy seeing the deer in their yards or are concerned the animals do not have enough to eat. However, this artificial feeding is harmful to deer because it discourages natural food foraging. It also lures deer from their natural habitats into areas where the deer are a safety problem, both to the public and themselves. Each year several dead deer are removed from metropolitan cities and highway roadsides. Call Building & Community Standards at (763) 503-3173 to report violations of this ordinance.

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