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Exercise Room
Check out the newly remodeled exercise room and new equipment.  Available to members and                    non-members for a daily fee.  Ages 15+.  Shirt and athletic shoes required.

            Cardiovascular Equipment
Matrix T7xe Treadmills - 4
Lifetime Fitness Treadmills - 2
Matrix E7xe Suspension Ellipticals - 2
Lifetime Fitness Ellipticals - 2
Matrix R7xe Recumbent Bikes - 2
Lifetime Fitness Recumbent Bikes - 2
Matrix U7xe Upright Bike - 1
Matrix C3x Climbmill - 1
Octane Pro3700 Ellipticals - 2
Octane X-Ride Recumbent Ellipticals           
 Exercise Room
            Strength Training Equipment
Life Fitness Leg Press/Calf Raise
Life Fitness Leg Curl/Leg Extension
Life Fitness Multi-Chest
Life Fitness Bicep/Tricep
Life Fitness "Smith" Machine
Life Fitness Cable Crossover
Cybex Abdominal
Dumbbells 5-50 lbs
Newly Added Cybex Equipment
Arm Extension; Arm Curl
Fly Rear Delt
 Circuit Training Area
                   Circuit Training Equipment
Fit Express Hip Abduction/Adduction
Fit Express Abdominal/Low Back
Fit Express Pectoral/Deltoid
Fit Express Shoulder Press/Pull Down
Fit Express Leg Extension/Leg Curl
Fit Express Squat
Fit Express Lift Task
Fit Express Chest Row
Fit Express Bicep/Tricep
Fitness Technology Rotary Torso
Precor Stretch Trainer
Back Extension
Parabody Power Tower

Exercise Room
            Miscellaneous Equipment/Amenities
Benches-Flat, Incline - 5
Stretching Mats - 10
Exercise Balls