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AutoMARK Assistive Voting Technology
The Federal Help America Vote Act (HAVA) of 2002, passed by Congress in response to the 2000 presidential election, requires state and local governments to reform election processes and systems. HAVA’s purpose is to ensure fair elections and to empower voters to exercise their right to vote.

As part of HAVA, Assistive Voting Technology (AVT) is a technology that allows voters with disabilities and special needs to vote independently and privately. The state-certified Assistive Voting Technology is a ballot marking device called the AutoMARK, which will mark the voter’s paper ballot. There will be one AutoMARK in each polling location.

All voters, whether they will vote using an ink pen or a ballot marking device, will mark their votes on a paper ballot which produces the paper trail necessary to allow for a precise audit of the election. The ballot marking device assists voters who are blind, vision-impaired, or have a disability or condition that would make it difficult or impossible to mark a ballot using an ink pen. Voters may use the ballot marking device to record their vote using the touch screen, touch pad, or sip/puff tube. Headphones are available or voters may bring their own. All voters insert their voted ballot into the ballot counter. When the polls are closed, all votes are then tallied by the ballot counter to produce precinct election results.

AutoMARK Voter Guide