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Street Maintenance
Brooklyn Center Public Works

6844 Shingle Creek Pkwy
Brooklyn Center, MN  55430

Ph: 763-585-7100
Fx: 763-585-7159

Monday - Friday
7:00 am - 3:30 pm
Street Maintenance provides for the maintenance of City streets, sidewalks, and trails. The activities include patching, sealcoating, crack sealing, sweeping, minor sidewalk repair, and the cost of operating and maintaining the trail light system.

Street Maintenance goals include: 
  • Overlay trails to maintain integrity 
  • Maintain trail light system
  • Patch and crack seal streets according to Pavement Management Program standards
  • Sealcoat project areas 
  • Sweep/clean all streets (performed twice per year)
  • Provide snow and ice control

Potholes and Street Repairs 
Video - Minnesota Pothole Professionals: Smoothing the Way to Safer Travel
To request street repairs or get potholes filled, call 763-585-7100.

Video - Why Aren't They Working on My Road?
Ever wonder why your road isn't being repaired? This Minnesota Local Road Research Board video explains why roads go bad and why sometimes the worst roads aren't fixed first.

Traffic Control
Traffic Control provides maintenance, replacement, and inventory of signage and pavement markings as well as the operation and maintenance of traffic lights.

Clear View Triangle
Click here for more information about our Clear View Triangle Ordinance.