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Parks/Trails Maintenance
Brooklyn Center Public Works

6844 Shingle Creek Pkwy
Brooklyn Center, MN  55430

Ph: 763-585-7100
Fx: 763-585-7159

Monday - Friday
7:00 am - 3:30 pm
Parks and Trails Maintenance serves many functions. The facilities and programs included are as follows:   

Park Facilities 
Provides maintenance and repair of playground equipment, park shelters, picnic shelters, irrigation sprinklers, bleachers, benches, and restroom and dumpster enclosures to ensure safe, clean, and accessible park buildings and equipment. It also includes gas and electric service to shelters and park lights, collection of refuse, and rental/service charges for portable restroom facilities.

  • Continue weekly summertime safety and maintenance inspection of playgrounds and shelter buildings to ensure high quality facilities
  • Repair/upgrade park signage as necessary

Park Grounds and Trails
Provides basic turf maintenance including mowing, fertilizing, weed control, seeding and aerating. It also provides miscellaneous grounds maintenance such as node, streetscape and flower maintenance, litter picking, trash hauling, administration of the Adopt-A-Park/Trail/Street or Flower Garden Program and maintenance of the 20.8 mile trail system.

  • Maintain 350 acres of manicured turf areas with efficient mowing and trimming program. Normal mowing cycle is once every 7-10 days
  • Supplement Hennepin County mowing of Brookdale area, County Road 10, and Brooklyn Boulevard to ensure safety and enhance aesthetics.
  • Upgrade and re-chip wood chip trails
  • Pursue participants for the Adopt-A-Park/Trail/Street or Flower Garden Program and maintain current volunteers
  • Continue replacement (six per year) of wood picnic tables with maintenance-free aluminum units and litter receptacles with recycled plastic lumber units

Park Recreation Program
Provides support services for specific recreation programs. These programs include athletic field maintenance, tennis court maintenance, summer programs, broomball, puppet wagon, Tuesday's Entertainment in the Park, and the Community Band.

  • Mow 30 softball/baseball/football fields once every 5-7 days and broom all fields 5 days per week during the summer
  • Maintain high level of support for recreation programs
  • Survey condition of tennis courts and repair as needed
  • Provide transportation of Community Band equipment

Ice and Hockey Rinks 
Provides maintenance of 6 general skating rinks and 6 hockey rinks which includes ice making, site preparation and maintenance of related facilities.

  • Provide maintenance for 6 hockey rinks and 6 pleasure rinks 
  • Continue to replace wood catwalks with rubber belting
  • Provide residents and customers with high quality service