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Heart Safe Brooklyn Center
Brooklyn Center Fire and Police are working together to get our City designated as a “Heart Safe Community.”

To achieve this goal we will need to have more AED’s placed in Schools, Restaurants, and Businesses throughout the City. We will also be providing “Hands Only” CPR Training to the Citizens and Employees of the Schools and Businesses of Brooklyn Center.

• Sudden Cardiac Arrest is the #1 killer in America – 400,000
• #1 killer in the workplace
• 65% of Sudden Cardiac Arrest occur at home
• 95% Mortality Rate
• 97% of people will die while waiting for Police/Fire/Ambulance assistance
• “Hands Only” CPR and AED in the first 2 minutes can increase the chances of survival up 85%

The Brooklyn Center Fire and Police Department would like your assistance in obtaining this goal and participate in “Hands Only” CPR and AED training.
We want everyone to be “The Help” instead of waiting for the help.

Bystander CPR & Training
    1. Chest pain/pressure, back, neck & jaw pain 
    2. Short of breath 
    3. Fatigue 
    4. Diaphoresis 
    5. Other 

    1. Call 911 
    2. Place victim in position of comfort 
    3. Keep victim calm 
    4. Bring AED to victim’s side

    1. Victim not responding to touch or command 
    2. Not normal breathing (agonal respirations) 

    1. Call 911, obtain AED & get assistance 
    2. Start chest compressions (with o2 if available) 
    3. AED--power on, follow voice prompts (apply electrodes immediately) 
    4. Continue to follow the AED voice prompts of CPR 
    5. At any time if victim regains consciousness, starts to move or has combative behavior, these are signs of resuscitation--stop CPR, leave AED connected 

    1. Shave a hairy chest 
    2. Stop performing CPR if you experience signs/symptoms of: weakness, chest pain,
shortness of breath, dizziness, etc. 

    1. Conscious - Heimlich maneuver 
    2. Unconscious - chest compressions

Brandon Gautsch, Lieutenant/Public Education   (763) 549-3642
John Polz, Captain/Public Education   (763) 549-3639
Josh Whittenburg, Police Officer   (763) 503-3223 

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