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Palmer Lake West Project History
Project History
The City Council approved a resolution establishing this project in May 2015. A survey was mailed to all affected property owners regarding the infrastructure needs and issues in the neighborhood in early September 2015. An informational meeting was then held in October 2015 to gain feedback from the property owners.

In November 2015, the City Council accepted the City Engineer's Feasibility Report, declared costs to be assessed and called for two December 14, 2015, public hearings. Property owners should have received a mailing which included a letter detailing the project and special assessment information together with the Notices of Public Hearing and Feasibility Summary. 
On December 14, 2015, public hearings were held regarding ordering improvements and authorizing preparation of plans and specifications, and acceptance of the levy roll certifying special assessments.  Property owners are able to pay their assessments before September 30, 2016, without interest. From October 1 through November 23, 2016, property owners may pay the assessments with interest calculated from October 1, through the date of payment. Special Assessments not paid by the end of the business day on November 23, 2016, will then roll to Hennepin County property taxes and are payable over a ten (10) year period, beginning in 2017. 
At its meeting on March 14, 2016, the City Council awarded the project to Kuechle Underground, Inc. of Kimball, Minnesota. A neighborhood meeting was held at West Palmer Park on April 5, 2016, at which time residents had the opportunity to ask questions and meet with City staff and the Contractor. Construction began on April 7, 2016.  

  Project Information
Neighborhood Meeting Invitation


Information Meeting Packet

Information Meeting Presentation
Assessment Map                                
Public Hearing Packet Notification to All Assessed Properties
Preconstruction Meeting Flyer