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Northport Park - Shelter
The existing park building at the south end of Northport Park was removed in 2012 due to structural issues. The Parks and Recreation Commission recommended eliminating the proposed plan to replace the building and only replace the existing picnic shelter as part of their Capital Improvements Program (CIP) plan review. A new enhanced picnic shelter will be built in the same area as the existing picnic shelter; at the north side of Northport Park. The existing picnic shelter was demolished in April 2016. A water line and drinking fountain will be installed in August of 2016. Excavation and concrete slab work on the new shelter will start early in September of 2016. Also, part of the improvements to Northport Park will be upgrading the lighting in the park. The park lighting is planned to be replaced with more energy efficient LED lighting and new poles throughout the park. The underground cable has been installed and the contractor is currently installing the new LED fixtures for the trail lights. The new poles for the parking lot lights are back ordered and won’t be installed until the end of October 2016. This project is scheduled for completion in October 2016.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Todd Berg, the Supervisor of Streets and Parks, at 763-585-7102 or



Northport picnic shelter.jpg
  Existing Northport Park Shelter