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Active Living
The City of Brooklyn Center and Three Rivers Park District held a demonstration project along 57th Avenue from Colfax Avenue to Camden Avenue on July 25, 2015.

What is Active Living

Active Living is integrating physical activity into daily routines by making it easier for people to bike, walk and use transit to get to their destinations. The Brooklyn Center Active Living program is a partnership between Hennepin County, other local cities, businesses, non-profits and the community. Brooklyn Center is looking to engage all members of our community and partner with you to make our community a healthy place to live!  

Brooklyn Center's Innovative Active Living project:

In August 2014, the City of Brooklyn Center began an effort aimed at improving access to healthy choices and active transportation options for all city residents. The project is being funded by Hennepin County through the Minnesota Department of Health’s Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP). Through this grant, the City will undertake several new initiatives including:

  • Implement pedestrian and bicycle education, awareness and enforcement programs The Brooklyn Center Police Department will conduct outreach and promote education and increase awareness of bicycle and pedestrian laws by vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians.
  • An Earn-A-Bike program Brooklyn Center residents will have opportunities to participate in a program in which they will learn about bike safety, rules of the road, and basic bike maintenance. At the conclusion of this program, the participants will receive the bike they have worked on.
  • Create a Travel Demand Management Plan – The City of Brooklyn Center will adopt a Travel Demand Management Plan (TDM) which will help reduce travel demand of single-occupancy vehicles while promoting alternative modes of transportation.
  • Promote an active living component to the City's Opportunity Site - Proposed Master Plan
  • Resident-driven demonstration projects to temporarily change a public space to make it more welcoming to pedestrians and bicyclists The City will conduct short-term demonstration projects, otherwise known as “tactical urbanism”, to creatively test out ideas that can improve the public realm.
  • There is a special emphasis with this grant; that the work reduces health disparities by targeting specified “priority populations” who have been identified as having higher rates of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. These groups must include low-income residents and people of color, and may also include seniors, persons with disabilities, youth, and other community members within the city.

    Active Living Steering Committee:

    Our work is being guided by a Steering Committee composed of Brooklyn Center residents and staff who will be seeking community input to make sure that the projects address barriers being experienced by the community and that any changes that are considered meet people’s needs. If you would like to get involved with the Steering Committee, or have other ideas on how to connect with residents, please contact Andrew Hogg at 763-569-3327 or email at .

    Why Active Living is Important:                                     

    • Improves physical and mental health
    • Decreases risk of chronic disease and associated medical costs
    • Reduces transportation costs
    • Builds safer, stronger communities
    • Improves quality of life

    Active Living Guiding Principles:                   

    • Daily physical activity improves health and can reduce levels of obesity or chronic diseases, such as type 2 Diabetes or heart disease.
    •  Build environments with accessible destinations, integrated transportation networks and inviting design, promote physically active and safe options
    • Programs and policies inclusive of all cultures and abilities can help reduce health disparities.
    • Public participation and awareness of the benefits and opportunities related to active living are increased through effective communication strategies.
    Contact Information or to get involved with the project:
    Please contact:  Andrew Hogg, Assistant City Engineer  - 763-569-3327 or email at                    



    Active Living 

                Active Living Project Documents

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