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Water Treatment Plant
Project Status
To view the webcam of the Water Treatment Plant's construction process, follow this link
Who, Where and When
The City partnered with the consulting firm, Bolton & Menk, to prepare plans and specifications for the Water Treatment Plant.  This project's bid opening occurred on August 20, 2014 and three bids were received. The project was awarded to the low bidder, Knutson Construction Services, at the September 22, 2014, City Council meeting and construction began in late September 2014. The plant is currently being constructed on City property near the City's well field between Camden Avenue and Highway 252, east of the Evergreen school and park.  Completion of the project is anticipated to be late fall 2015
Why Do We Need a Water Treatment Plant?
In January 2013, the City Council directed staff to develop an action plan to address manganese levels in the City’s drinking water.  This was in response to a health advisory issued by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) regarding potential health risks associated with high levels of manganese. Please review the FAQs which outline concerns related to the Water Treatment Plant.
The plan’s short-term actions included reducing the amount of water being pumped from the wells with elevated manganese levels and increasing public outreach efforts relative to the health risk.  The long-term solution to reduce the potential manganese health risk in the City water supply is to construct a Water Treatment Plant.
Funding Construction of the Water Treatment Plant
The City received approval for funding from the Minnesota Public Facility Authority loan program for a Drinking Water Revolving Fund (a low interest loan program). Currently, Brooklyn Center has one of the lower water rates compared to other cities. However, many cities have water treatment plants. A utility rate increase notice was provided in April 2015 with the utility bill pertaining to funding and expected water rate adjustments.
In the meantime . . . 
For households where infants less than one year old will be regularly drinking formula mixed with tap water or drinking plain tap water, the MDH health advisory recommends the following precautions to reduce manganese exposure: 
  • Use a proper filter. Carbon filters (that may also contain an ion exchange resin) used in common pitcher or faucet filter systems (found at grocery and home stores) can remove approximately 50 percent of manganese from drinking water.
  • Use bottled water, but only if the bottled water has been tested for manganese. Otherwise bottled water should not be considered safer than tap water.
  • Consult with your physician if you have health questions.

If residents use well water for drinking and have concerns, the water should be tested for levels of manganese at an accredited laboratory.






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Project Information

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More Information about Manganese in Drinking Water                                       
Water Treatment Plant informational flyer
MN Department of Health Environmental Review Notice

MN Department of Health Environmental Summary
For more information and resources, visit the City Website (Search Manganese) or call the Public Works Department at 763-585-7100 or .