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Dogs and Cats
Dogs and Cats
The City of Brooklyn Center does not require dogs and cats to be licensed.  However, there are some City Code requirements that owners need to be aware:

Section 1-107.  RABIES VACCINATION REQUIRED.  A person who owns, harbors, or keeps a dog over six months old within the city must have the dog vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian with an anti-rabies vaccine that is currently effective.  A vaccination certificate is valid only for the dog and owner to which it is issued.  A person must not use a rabies vaccination certificate for a different dog than the one for which it was issued.

Section 1-108.  TAGS.  A person who owns, harbors, or keeps a dog over six months old within the city must securely attach an identification tag or plate to the dog's collar so that it can be readily seen.  The tag or plate must contain the name and home telephone number of the owner or other person who is keeping the dog.  The identification tag or plate must be worn by the dog at all times when it is off the owner's or keeper's property.

Section 1-109.  LIMIT ON NUMBER OF CATS AND DOGS.  Because the keeping of three (3) or more dogs or four (4) or more cats in the family dwelling unit or on the family premises is subject to great abuse, causing discomfort to persons in the area, by way of smell, noise, hazard, and general aesthetic depreciation, and because the irresponsible maintenance of three (3) or more dogs or four (4) or more cats within a residential area has been the source of a variety of complaints, no family or family member shall keep, harbor, or have custody of more than two (2) dogs, or more than three (3) cats, or a combination of more than five (5) animals exceeding six months of age in the family dwelling unit or on the family premises.

Section 1-110.  NUISANCE PROHIBITED.  It shall be unlawful for any person to keep an animal in any unsanitary place or condition, or in a manner which results in noisome odors, or in any way which constitutes a nuisance or a disturbance by reason of barking, howling, fighting, or other noise, or to maintain or permit a condition which unreasonably annoys, injures, or endangers the safety, health, morals, comfort, or repose of any person or property.

Section 1-111.  RUNNING AT LARGE PROHIBITED.  It shall be unlawful for any owner to allow its animal to run at large.
  • At large means an animal that is off the property of its owner and not under restraint.
  • Under restraint means an animal that is controlled by a leash or at heel beside a competent person having custody of it and obedient to that person's commands, or within a vehicle being driven or parked on a public street, or if it is within the property limits of its owner's premises.

Animal Control
If you have lost your animal, please contact the city's impound facility P.U.P.S. at 763-494-5999.

Potentially Dangerous Dogs
City Clerk

6301 Shingle Creek Pkwy.
Brooklyn Center, MN  55430

Ph: (763) 569-3306
Fx: (763) 569-3494

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Owners of potentially dangerous dogs must meet the following requirements:
  1. Ensure a proper enclosure exists for the dog - proper enclosure means securely confined indoors or in a securely enclosed and locked pen or structure suitable to prevent the animal from escaping and providing protection from the elements for the dog.  A proper enclosure does not include a porch, patio, or any part of a house, garage, or other structure that would allow the dog to exit of its own volition, or any house or structure in which windows are open or in which door or window screens are the only obstacles that prevent the dog from exiting.
  2. If the dog is outside the proper enclosure, the dog must be muzzled and restrained by a substantial chain or leash and under the physical restraint of a responsible person.  The muzzle must be made in a manner that will prevent the dog from biting any person or animal but that will not cause injury to the dog or interfere with its vision or respiration.
  3. All accesses to the premises must be posted with clearly visible warning signs, issued or approved by the Animal Control Officer, that there is a potentially dangerous or dangerous dog on the property.
  4. The dog must be micro-chippped.
  5. The dog must be sterilized.
  6. The dog must be currently vaccinated against rabies.
  7. The dog must be registered with the City of Brooklyn Center and must have an annual potentially dangerous dog City registration.

Dangerous Dogs
In addition to the requirements for potentially dangerous dogs, owners of dangerous dogs must also meet the following requirement:

  1. The owner of the dangerous dog must submit a surety bond in the sum of at least $300,000, payable to any person injured by the dangerous dog, or a policy of liability insurance by an insurance company authorized to conduct business in this state in the amount of at least $300,000, insuring the owner for any personal injuries inflicted by the dangerous dog.

City Code 1-250 to 1-300 - Potentially Dangerous Dog and Dangerous Dog

City Council Resolutions Establishing Dog Hearing Fees

Potentially Dangerous Dog Registration Application

Dangerous Dog Registration Application